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Chakra ManChakras – from a Sanskrit word meaning wheel – are centers of energy in the human body.

The seven main chakras – areas where major energy flows intersect –  are located between the top of the head and the base of the spine and are connected with the spinal column in an upward flow of energy.
The chakras control the organs and glands of the body and each of the seven main chakras relates to a specific area of the body. The flow of energy between the chakras can affect our physical health as well as our emotional feelings of wellbeing. 

When the chakras are clear and vitalized, each resembling a whirling centre of energy, the body is at its healthiest. However, when one of the chakras is not in harmony or a blockage occurs, this will hinder the flow of energy within that chakra and also between all the chakras, affecting other parts of the body.
It is thought that the positive vibration of gemstones can harmonize the chakras and allow the energy to flow freely. Different stones are thought to be more effective with each chakra, usually associated with the color of the stones. Some stones, like rock crystal (clear quartz), diamonds and sugilite, are considered to be helpful in clearing blockages in all the chakras. 

 Root Chakra
1st CHAKRA   Root or Base chakra – Muladhara
LOCATION: at the base of the spine
RELATED AREAS: spinal column, large intestine, the bones
COLORS: red, black
STONES: garnet, red jasper, agates, hematite, obsidian, smoky quartz
BALANCES: sexuality, stability, grounding, sensuality, security 

2nd Chakra Mandala
2nd CHAKRA: Sacral chakra - Swadhisthana
LOCATION: the area below the navel (sacrum)
RELATED AREAS: lower abdomen, kidneys, bladder, digestive system, reproductive organs
COLORS: orange
STONES: carnelian, orange jasper
BALANCES: relationships, addiction, reproduction, creativity, joy, enthusiasm

3rd Chakra Mandala
3rd CHAKRA: Solar Plexus chakra - Manipura
LOCATION: inbetween the rib cage and the navel
RELATED AREAS: stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, adrenal glands
COLORS: yellow
STONES: citrine
BALANCES: digestion, metabolism, personal power, expansiveness, matters of growth

4th Chakra Mandala
4th CHAKRA: Heart chakra - Anahata
LOCATION: in the centre of the chest at the same level as the heart
RELATED AREAS: heart, lungs, blood circulation, thymus gland
COLORS: green - to balance the nervous and circulatory system, pink - for love and affection
STONES: malachite, chrysoprase, aventurine,
BALANCES: circulation, immune system, love, compassion, universal conciousness, passion, devotion

5th Chakra Mandala
5th CHAKRA: Throat chakra - Vishuddha
LOCATION: in the throat area just above the collarbone
RELATED AREAS: thyroid gland, upper lungs, respiratory system, jaw, neck area
COLORS: blue
STONES: aquamarine, chrysocolla, lapis lazuli, sodalite
BALANCES: self-expression, communication, independence, fluent thought, sense of security

6th Chakra Mandala
6th CHAKRA: Brow or Third-Eye chakra - Ajna
LOCATION: at the centre of the forehead between and slightly above the eyebrows
RELATED AREAS: eye, nose, throat, sinuses, pituitary gland, skeletal system
COLORS: violet, indigo, deep blue
STONES: lapis lazuli, amethyst, sodalite
BALANCES: intuition, visual conciousness, clarity, the centre of psychic power

7th Chakra Mandala
7th CHAKRA: Crown chakra - Sahasrara
LOCATION: at the top - or crown - of the head
RELATED AREAS: the cerebrum, pineal gland, physical basis of conciousness
COLORS: violet, white, gold
STONES: amethyst, quartz crystal
BALANCES: inner wisdom, connection to energy sources and other chakras

For more detailed information about the chakras -- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chakra

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